Saturday, December 31, 2011


I like taking a page or two from Joyce, Carroll and Swift to make words up - long ones - especially in a time of abbreviated postings, texts and tweets....

I run by this part of the Potash Brook almost every week and as the weather has gotten colder (still no snow) the icestallations around branches, rock and leaves grow and begin to assume their own lives. I had intended to put my boots on and photograph them in their crystalline glory, but holidays and balmy weather conspired against me slipping away and into the icy waters. Today, I was pleasantly surprised by the way they assumed a new life, having been warmed, and then re-frozen...There are now opaque, dripping forms that had some crystalline, cellular structures overlaying that milky white interior. Where before, light could refract through them, to distort the images of what lay beyond, the icestallations had become their own and in doing so formed haunting colonies of the still and quiet suspended above the rushing and chaotic. That's a beautiful poem for me this New Year's, to stay close to the chaotic and powerful currents of life, and craft my form from that seductive energy.

Happy 2012!

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