Monday, August 30, 2010


I am inspired by ecological systems and the interdependency that human well being shares with the health of those systems. My design passion lies in seeking connections that improve system function, enhance social benefit and establish habitat in order to support nested communities within a region, a town or a site. Creating systems that can be resilient enough to sustain themselves when exposed to excess fluxes of water, people, nutrients and toxins is critical with climate change and population growth pressuring ecosystem function.

Micro and macro systems dynamics reveal a narrative that eloquently describes existing site conditions. By revealing processes like wetland formation or stormwater flow, I place those processes into the consciousness of others. Giving people a basic language and nuanced appreciation of ecological systems integrates those processes into a community's connection to where they live and, optimistically, might positively effect their daily choices.

My deep love of language and art informs my process and vision. Art engenders connection and care for place and the systems and processes within that place. The intention of my creative work has been to use paintings and writing, as well as found materials, to narrate my process of understanding a place or situation. By expressing personal interpretations of relationships I see in a watershed, site or culvert, I initiate a dialog that can engage the community with the ecosystems processes around them. It is my intention with my professional life to explore and interweave my love for ecology, art and language into design and art that brings health and resilience to the nested ecologies of a given site, community or region. In so doing, I know that the result will be a reflection of authenticity true to the eco-region, the culture and the voice of the place.

 Todd Lynch - Tire Maze - 1500'x1500' - Baltimore - 2000

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ectropy is the measure of the tendency for dynamic systems to do work and become more organized. Ecotropy as I define it is the measure of the tendency for dynamic systems to do work and become more organized and resilient from the ground up