Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Speaking Engagement

I'll be speaking at the Chesterfield council on aging next Monday the 23rd as part of their luncheon program that takes place at the Chesterfield senior center at noon time. My talk will begin after lunch. For information call 413.296.4007. 

I'll present an overview of healing gardens in the past, give some research findings on the therapeutic benefits of gardens and nature, and show some current examples of healing spaces including my own work. 

I've included some historical images I found compelling that will be part of my talk. 

Image Credits:
The Egyptian Gardener is from Earthly Paradises: Ancient Gardens in History and Archaeology, by Maureen Carroll

The Plant personification is from Enquete Sur Les Plantes Magiques, by Michele Bilimoff

Egyptian Gardener 

Plant Personification