Thursday, December 1, 2011

Art Show

The art show at Meekins came down the other day. 

It's always easier to undo something like that than it is to put it up. Perhaps in amongst all the contributing elements to the challenge of installation are the butterflies so present before the opening of the show. I truly enjoyed the experience of seeing my work up and in the world. Pictures framed, in a dedicated space for showing and with others from the same series gives a new context to the work. Having them all there where I could see them from a distance and in different light gave me a new understanding of my work from my own perspective and, most importantly, from the feedback people gave me. It's funny how easy it is lose myself in the minutia of my mind. I loved hearing and seeing peoples reactions to the paintings - and I re-learned that those responses compel me to paint and make stuff as much as my personal need to understand and honor the world around me. 

So, Thank you to everyone who came to the show and helped get it together.

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