Thursday, August 16, 2012


After the show at Provisions - I have more motivation to paint and make things. Ultimately it's about ensuring that all parts of my creative process are engaged. Reflecting on the great feedback I received during the show's duration ( thanks to all who went!), I had an epiphany that my art work is a critical part of my "landscape" process. That might sound blatantly obvious to some, but seeing it up on the wall made me realize that my painting is realistically and metaphorically part of the landscape work I do. All my work is about nourishment on some level - for the eyes, for the stomach, for the soul. Where before a few weeks ago, I might have told you that art, landscape and food were all in neat, separate boxes, I now believe that they're all different manifestations of the same urge I have to nourish, heal and provide a way to see connections that might not have been readily apparent but exist on their own terms in astonishingly beautiful ways. Perhaps I am realizing my own ecology of creativity. 

Here are some of the projects I've started recently. One I am most thrilled about is in the barn. The ball is made of woven concord grape vine. The vine is from the cuttings of last year. Over time, I plan to add more vine from each year's cuttings - making additive sculpture that reinforces the timeliness of material -  local, seasonal art.

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