Friday, September 23, 2011


Today is the equinox. Well, to split hairs, it happened already at 5:05 am. According to one op-ed I read, the equinox produces a reduction in the Earth’s magnetic field, “allowing easier access to other dimensions, making this a propitious moment to be in a power spot.”  I believe it.

Light falls differently, somehow, more intense than in summer, but more fleeting. The exuberance of the summer vegetables fades, as the last tomatoes cling to droopy vines. Basil, always a rich emerald green, begins to sport brown spots on its leaves. There is a sensation of the land letting go, and the systems of life preparing for dormancy that winter brings.

As ever, there are the stars that herald the arrival of this time, Asters. For some reason, there seem to be more varieties of aster this year than I have noticed in previous years. Purple, light blue, white. Shots of joy and delight. Thinking about the reduction in the earth’s magnetic field, when I see those asters everywhere it’s easy for me to imagine that they are poetic reminders of the sanctity of this time, where we all begin to slow down, gather what is important, celebrate the bounty of summer and prepare for the coming winter, somewhat like the bee in the bottom photo is doing.

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