Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Microclimate and Ecology

Understanding the nuance of existing microclimate is part of the assessment I truly enjoy. It's here that components of landform, canopy, soils, winds and sun, buildings, and roads among others come together. In my understanding, microclimate best represents existing conditions of what some might call urban ecology - where human actions and "natural phenomena" are put together as opposed to the traditional - natural and man made categories. I'd argue that ecology always did include people everywhere, not just in urban areas. As a species, we've had a tremendous effect on the planet, and to separate humans from the rest of the species and systems on the earth creates problematic dissonance. I have experimented with my graphic representation of microclimate shown in varying intensities of yellow below, combining it with human use, and overall physical landform. For a first go round I think it's compelling. 

I've included some other diagrams below to illustrate current conditions onsite at the center's core.

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