Monday, April 25, 2011

Raised Steel Beds

The raised steel beds have arrived. Bryan our metal/wood artist did a fantastic job with details like the hoop house attachments and the rounded edges.

The rusty red of the steel compliments the highlights in the Goshen stone. Rough stones in contact with smooth steel edges create compelling tension that will be made softer with time and plants. While I am eager for the growing season and for completion of the project, I appreciate the process involved with building the terraces and the steps involved. At this stage, you can see the internal frames of the beds, and the braces necessary to hold the steel in place - even without yards of loam, manure and compost adding pressure. There's poetry to seeing the internal components that are going to be buried soon - the beauty of a good frame that supports the function of the whole without the glamor of a spotlight. 

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