Monday, March 28, 2011

Solid and Fluid

Out walking this morning I arrived at the little stream I somehow always return to when I have no intended destination for my walk. There's a magic to this place and today was no different.

close up of stream
close up of stream 

These crystals overlaid on the stream were stunning. The combination of the angular ice and the protean stream beneath beautifully illustrates a sensual tension when two states of matter are in close proximity. It is the spaces where the light refracts from the motion of the stream between the angles of the crystals that compelled me initially to take these photographs.

There is poetry as well in the physical properties of water illustrated in the photos. When I think of water I always picture its fluid state - and seeing the contrast between the liquid and solid forms of water so clearly illustrated reminds me of the many layers of experience and perception that exist - if I am able to see beyond what I want to see. 


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