Tuesday, February 8, 2011


On the trip to Mexico I was able to look into my peripheral vision more often than I usually do when in my life at home. I wandered into familiar internal thoughtscapes of metamorphosis and found myself intensely aware of transitions - dawn, the sidewalk between the jungle and the road, the way a coconut connects to its stem and the pleasing wash-tub to rinse my feet from the beach when going into our palapa immediately come to mind. The novelty of those transitions got me thinking more about how metamorphosis might happen - fluid to solid to vapor - movement through membranes - thresholds - victory arches. When I was active doing outdoor installations in Baltimore with ice, that flux figured heavily in my work. 

What's different is that now I want to observe and experience the process of transition. There's a poetry to giving oneself to that flux and a danger of floating away - perhaps therein lies some of my curiosity in diagramming where and how materials/objects/spaces/planes of experience meet and intersect to create the living tapestry of each person's day. How does one choreograph seamless transitional elements in art and landscape installations to foster a deeper understanding of the self and how it relates to the world?  

sea fan


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