Thursday, September 9, 2010

Foundation Terraces

Three terraces nestle into a precipitous slope within the footprint of an old carriage barn. A curved walking path ascends the levels with steps and a ramp that references an existing ramp on site. The edge of the top terrace recreates the original line of the barn and contains the curvilinear terraces reflecting the stepped topography of the surrounding fields. An informal granite slab stair case accesses the apple orchards beyond.

The artfully composed spaces accommodate small family gatherings, provide ample gardening beds and recall the history of the site. South east sun exposure and generous northwest wind buffer make this an ideal place for raising food and medicine. Heat gain from the stone walls, raised beds and removable hoop houses will help to extend the often capricious New England growing season.

Cribstone benches define the gathering area. The porosity of the forms gives a light feeling to the gravity of stone benches. Tall grasses and meadow plants will enclose the space and add sensual contrast to the linearity of the cut stone caps and help to place the foundation terraces within their meadow context.

Installation of pathways, raised beds and plants remain. It has been great to work with Daniel Snow and watch these walls emerge. I am eager to see the next phase of the project completed and to begin planting. 



  1. todd-

    looks awesome! can't wait to see more!


  2. nice...
    kudos to the designer and builder!